'Organic' and 'Green' is here to stay!
Can you make any of these?
Whole Grain & Gluten Free
Whole Grains & Gluten Free Breads and Cookies
Gluten free breads, muffins and cookies are increasingly sought after by celiacs
Whole Wheat Pasta
Wholegrain Pastas
Dried fruit & Berries
Dried Berries
The advent of small scale fruit and berry drying units with heat controlled moisture extraction and evaporation capability has made berry drying a popular part time hobby and business for some.
Nuts & Seeds
Nuts & Seeds
Many seed products from sunflower seed through to flax seed can be sold online
Whole Grains
Whole Grains
Considered among the most nutritious foods on the planet. Dried whole grains: beans, peas, legumes are increasingly valued for their nutrition and comparatively lower prices
Fruit and Berry Juices
Fruit and Berry Juices
Sales of anti oxidant laden berry juices have rocketed since their health and healing values became widely known. Most popular are goji berry, mangosteen, cranberry and blueberry.
Nut Butters
Nut Butters
Highly nutritional nut butters; almond, cashew, peanut can be produced on a small  machine
Fresh & Organic Produce
Organic Produce
Fresh and organic farmers market products may be featured here. Remember you are responsible for delivery or pickup arrangements with your customers. Think of dealing locally.
Chemical Free Cleansers
Chemical Free Cleansers
Biodegradable chemical free products may be featured here
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Welcome to Green Gold Organics


Can You Make A Health Food Product?

This Site No Longer Sells to Retailers!

Can you make a nutritious product that many would want to buy? This online store cooperative introduces a new dynamic into the marketplace. Consumers and customers may also become suppliers. You can make and package your own product and feature it here.

Forget Retail Stores! – Sell Direct! -  Free  Product  Profiles!

Experienced Products Wholesaler Into Retail Stores Help You Get Started.

Your Product Benefits From Hits To This Site When Other Suppliers Drive Traffic to View Their Products Here.

  1. Benefit from many years of accumulated experience placing products into retail stores.
  2. We know private label producers can make more profit by selling direct.
  3. This applies even when selling direct means selling below retail.
  4. There is one problem however that many write or email to tell us about.
  5. Most would-be producers have no sales experience or marketing infrastructure.
  6. Plus the cost of sales & marketing for just one or two items can be prohibitive
  7. And setting up distributors for small, unknown brands is often not worth it.
  8. At Green Gold Organics we take the marketing worries out of your hair.
  9. It’s Free to profile you product/s here –feature up to six varieties/flavors in 1 profile
  10. Post as many free profiles of your products as you like
  11. Pay just one low online store management fee monthly
  12. Your product benefits when other suppliers drive hits & traffic to this site to sell their items.
  13. Deal direct. Product orders emailed direct to you. Be paid your full asking price. No deductions.
  14. Upfront payment. Prepayment lets you make products fresh to order.

Opportunities: Should you wish to set up as a packager of food items for other suppliers you may contact us and we will post that info on the site


If you are a potential customer for any products featured or suggested here we hope that you will support the producers and suppliers who profile here.

Remember your support helps the ‘buy local’ Canadian food movement and in a small way this helps to propel and strengthen our Canadian economy.

But there’s more. By buying products profiled here and telling your friends and neighbours of this opportunity you: Encourage production of new and quality nutrition items by small producers. Help keep food prices down. Help the buy local food movement. Help farmers’ markets profiling here and/or home based start-ups.