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1. To make and ship out product orders on an ongoing basis you may need to acquire specific equipment like those featured below. Certainly you would need to ensure that product/s are properly labeled and packaged.

2. Should you need help or information on packaging equipment do not hesitate to contact us by email. While we do not sell equipment we may be able to help you with information of Canadian packaging equipment suppliers. We have contacts with packaging and labeling equipment suppliers. Some have good quality used  machines at much lower prices than brand new equipment. Should you require such contact information we will be happy to respond to your email enquires. You may then contact them directly to negotiate.


1. Should you need help or information on product pictures or labeling design do not hesitate to contact us be email. We will be happy to refer you to a highly experienced Toronto based graphic design team. You may then negotiate directly with them.

Automatic Packaging Machine
Manual Packaging Machine
Industry Standard Baking Sheets on portable stands