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About Us

Our objective is to create a platform for small producers of good quality nutrition   or ‘health’ food products, start up operators and others to sell their products into the marketplace for as low a cost as possible. Our hope is that they will pass these savings on to customers and consumers and in this way hold the line on exploding food prices. We also wish to encourage the ‘buy local’ food movement.

We know there are a many great food products with healing properties made from healthy ingredients that can be produced by ‘food smart’ individuals who are not able to get their products into retail stores for different reasons.

A primary reason often is that would-be suppliers and start-up producers simply do not have the sales and marketing budgets. OR they do not have the sales organization, the selling skills and/or time to go out calling on stores to sell or introduce their products.

As the original developers of energy snacks and fruit bars in Canada the Green Gold Organics team have spent many years developing and selling products into health food outlets, retail stores and supermarkets. From that experience it knows first hand of the high costs involved in launching new brands or raising product visibility on store shelves.

By creating this site where product pictures and profiles of no-name brands may be posted free we hope to encourage the many small producers with great product ideas who have contacted us over the years and requested information or help with their sales and marketing.

This site also keeps food prices affordable, especially that of high value nutrition items, for those customers who cannot afford to buy the more expensive brand name items.

If you have such a product or are able to make such an item to sell online or supply direct to your customers we hope you will take advantage of this site by posting it here: it was created especially and specifically for persons in your situation.

Finally you should be clear that by posting a profile you agree to abide by our terms of use and that you have read those terms carefully and understand that we take no responsibility for the sales or otherwise of your product/s, its marketplace acceptability or approval/s as may be required by local authorities and that you exonerate us from any and all consequences arising out of selling or profiling your product/s on this site. 

Important: We are not distributors of your product/s or a trading company that buy and sell your product/s. This site is purely a promotions platform. It provides opportunity to market or create product/s without necessarily incurring the usual high costs of sales, marketing, advertising or launching a new product or brand in the marketplace.